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I'm retiring...

Two weeks ago, I told my manager I am resigning with no plans to take another job.


Mic Drop... Despite a high compensation job with good benefits (and unvested equity), not to mention a young family, I could not be happier!

I sleep better, hear more clearly, have more patience. I am focusing on my kids, enjoying activities more thoroughly and generally feel less weight of the next meeting, next deliverable and the unending pile of emails.

My family and I began investing in real estate in 3 years ago. Our goal was to work smarter not harder, invest in value-add real estate and create tax efficient cashflow to support our basic living expenses. Today, we create clean, safe, and affordable housing, help revitalize neighborhoods, and have replaced our W2 income. We built a business with real smart assets.

How did we make the transition? I hired two coaches; one to teach us the financial modeling, tax, and structuring for real estate development, another to help me personally, increase my trust, strengthen emotional resolve, clarify my value-system, set and monitor small goals, increase my relationship building skillset and stress management. In addition, my wife and I hired a financial advisor for our personal budgeting and planning to guide us through the transition. About 6 months ago, we started investigating independent insurance, savings plans, and sought out feedback from our mentors on the transition. When we achieved a few months of strong positive cashflow from the real estate investments, we decided to take the leap. Of course, it was not this simple, though when we encountered challenges, we had coaches, mentors and eachother to work through. Thank you Maddy for all your wisdom, strength and positivity.

I consider myself retired, though I am now working thoughtfully to help others achieve financial freedom through our coaching program, partnerships and investment syndications. I have been intentional with my children working daily on summer independent learning. We also just completed a 10 days in Tahoe adventuring the Truckee River, Treetop Ziplines, Sand Harbor beach rock jumping, biking, frisbee golf and many more activities. I am reconnecting with friends and making new ones, with time to engage, listen and make real plans to reconnect.

I want to give thanks to my partners, coaches, mentors, and family. This has been an unbelievable journey and we are now just getting started.

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You DESERVE a comment for this post! Not only do you deserve a comment but you deserve a huge congratulations and appreciation for the inspiration you have provided me and Julie. Congrats Nate, we appreciate you and all that you have done!

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