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Nate provided extremely valuable and timely coaching to me while underwriting and closing my first 24 unit multifamily deal.  His experience in similar deals helped steer me in the right direction, adjusting my construction budget to cover contingencies and better manage forecasted rental expectations with my lender, setting the deal up for solid future appraisal. Nate’s guidance expanded my vision from the next immediate step, to the 5 year vision which maximized the power of this investment.  We are now partnering together on an 80 unit multifamily syndication as both of our business continue to grow.  – Josi Heron, Waypoint Equity
, LLC.


Nate helped us completely rethink our future financial plan and investment strategy. He is now coaching us through goal-setting, underwriting, building a team, markets selection, and the asset acquisition process. Nate sourced our first big deal which perfectly fit our goals. Together we just closed our first 20 unit building with a successful 1031 exchange. Our path to financial freedom with real estate is now clear and much faster, safer and easier than we thought! Thanks Nate, we are all-in with Real Smart Assets; )



We just participated in our first multifamily investment and are extremely pleased with the insight and transparency provided by Nate and RealSmartAsset team. In addition to being up front about the risks, he is open to sharing detailed analysis about the underlying assumptions driving the baseline ROI projections. We will most certainly turn to Real Smart Asset for the next MultiFamily opportunity


My family and I were the first clients. We spent 10 years learning, investing and growing our real estate knowledge. Today we invest in every project we to our clients. Our clients and partners are our coaches and we love to learn from them. Our dream is to help others achieve their goals easier and faster than we did, so that one day we can be a part of your projects!

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